Visual Identity


Antiestático is an awarded production company based in Madrid with offices in Barcelona, Lisbon, Bogotá, Buenos Aires 
and Ciudad de Mexico. They offer their services all around the world providing high quality visual content to all their clients. Antiestático is not just a production company: besides directing they also promote and offer a wide range 
of services from different types of visual creators such as photographers, illustrators, animators, etc. 
For their visual identity revamp, the challenge was to create a dynamic design able to adapt and answer all their current and future needs. Something fresh, young and modern capable of representing the new ways of communications with a strong spirit from the pop culture. 
For these reasons I created a flexible logo that can be adapted and combined endlessly. Antiestático likes to say that they encourage and take their artists to the next level and that is why we created the (Ae) concept that captures and boosts everything that Antiestático touches.